Sunday, October 27, 2013

Annual Community Leaf Raking Service Project

We are teaming up with Catholic Charities to help those in our community who are in need.  There will be two dates and you can do one or both.  This has been a favorite service activity of our family - and very rewarding to be helping people all over Spokane who are not able to do these things for themselves.

November 2
St. Aloysius Church (330 E Boone)
Meet at 9:15 for snacks and assignments.
You will leave by 9:35 am and return between noon and 1:30 for a Hot Lunch.

November 16
LDS Church (2112 W Francis)
Meet at 8:30 for assignments.
You will be returning between noon and 1pm for a Hot Lunch.

Bring your friends, rakes and gloves.
Bags will be provided.

Being Accepted of the Lord

When I was a boy, I remember my father sometimes taking me with him to work on projects. We had a little garden a few kilometers from where we lived, and there was always so much to do to prepare the garden each season. We worked on the gazebo or built or repaired fences. In my memory this work always occurred in the freezing cold, heavy snow, or pouring rain. But I loved it. My father would teach me how to do things with patience and acceptance.

One day he invited me to tighten a screw and warned, “Remember, if you put it in too tight, it will break.” Proudly, I wanted to show him what I could do. I tightened with all my might, and, of course, I broke the screw. He made a funny comment, and we started over. Even when I “messed up,” I always felt his love and confidence in me. He passed away more than 10 years ago, but I can still hear his voice, sense his love, enjoy his encouragement, and feel his acceptance.
With all my heart I invite you to seek the Lord’s acceptance and enjoy His promised blessings. As we follow the simple pattern the Lord has laid out, we will come to know that we are accepted of Him, regardless of our position, status, or mortal limitations. His loving acceptance will motivate us, increase our faith, and help us deal with everything we face in life. Despite our challenges, we will be successful, prosper, and feel at peace.

Lesson given by Suzanne Wright from an April 2013 Conference Talk entitled, "Being Accepted of the Lord," by Elder Kopischke

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Kingdom of God Moves Forward

This work is built on a sure foundation, being founded on the rock of ages. … No matter who are lost by the way and make shipwreck of their faith, the Church will go on.

His Church will stand, because it is upon a firm basis. It is not from man; it is not from the study of the New Testament or the Old Testament; it is not the result of the learning that we received in colleges nor seminaries, but it has come directly from the Lord. The Lord has shown it to us by the revealing principle of the Holy Spirit of light and every man can receive this same spirit.

… He gives us a knowledge of what we shall do, inasmuch as we are willing to sacrifice our lives rather than go contrary to that knowledge. He opens to us the secrets of the celestial kingdom, and he is constantly communicating to us things that we never knew before. This knowledge and intelligence is growing upon us continually.

It is the business of those who profess to be engaged in His work to move on, to go forward, … without murmuring or having to be urged; so long as there remains a step forward to be taken, that step should be taken.

Lesson taught by Sister Kristy Bateman.  Taken from Teachings of the Presidents of the Church:  Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 20.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Missionary Work: "To Reach Every Human Heart"

President Snow said, "When a man receives knowledge, he is prompted to impart it to others; when a man becomes happy, the spirit that surrounds him teaches him to strive to make others happy. … Is there any chance of a man becoming happy without a knowledge of the gospel of Christ? … Though in the world [people] try to make themselves happy, still they are not successful in what they strive to accomplish. They cannot be happy, except upon one principle, and that is by embracing the fulness of the gospel, which teaches us not to wait till we get into eternity before we begin to make ourselves happy, but it teaches us to strive here to make ourselves and those around us rejoice in the blessings of the Almighty.

This, then, should be our aim and object: to learn to make ourselves useful; to be saviors to our fellow man; to learn how to save them; to communicate to them a knowledge of the principles that are necessary to raise them to the same degree of intelligence that we have ourselves."

President Snow said when he had received the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he could not keep it to himself.  Sister Demke related that when she read this, she thought of the song, "How Can I Keep from Singing?"  She then shared this version with us.

Cheryl then said that  all of our songs are different.  They even develop over time, but those around us need to  hear them.  How can YOU keep from singing?

Lesson from The Teachings of the Presidents: Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 19.  Taught by Sister Cheryl Demke