Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mini Fruit Pizza

Sugar Cookies
1/3 can Lime-Aid Concentrate
8 oz Cream Cheese
Powdered Sugar

Mix frosting by combining lime-aid concentrate and cream cheese and enough powdered sugar to make a spreadable frosting.  Top the cookies with frosting and fruit and . . . . Voila!  Yummy personal fruit pizza.

This is My Work and Glory

As we think about the imagery of succoring the weak, lifting up the hands which hang down, and strengthening feeble knees, I am reminded of a sweet seven-year-old showing her grandfather a small tomato plant she had started from seed as part of a second-grade school project.

She explained that from one tiny seed would come a plant. And if the plant were cared for, it would grow many tomatoes that would each have many seeds.

She said, “And if all of those seeds were planted and grew more tomatoes, and you planted all of those seeds, in a few seasons you would have millions of tomatoes.”

“All,” she said in amazement, “from one little seed.”

But then she said, “I almost killed my plant. I left it in a dark room and forgot to water it. When I remembered the plant, it was all wilted and dead looking. I cried because I thought of all of those millions of tomatoes that would never grow.”

She was then excited to tell her grandfather about the “miracle” that happened.

She explained, “Momma said maybe the plant wasn’t dead. Maybe all it needed was some water and some light to bring life back.

“And she was right. I gave the plant some water, and I put it in the window for light. And guess what?” she asked. “It came back to life, and now it’s going to grow millions of tomatoes!”
Her small tomato plant, so full of potential but so weakened and wilted from unintentional neglect, was strengthened and revived through the simple ministration of water and light by the little girl’s loving and caring hands.
Brothers and sisters, as the literal spirit children of our loving Heavenly Father, we have unlimited, divine potential. But if we are not careful, we can become like the wilted tomato plant. We can drift away from the true doctrine and gospel of Christ and become spiritually undernourished and wilted, having removed ourselves from the divine light and living waters of the Savior’s eternal love and priesthood power.

If any one of you feels your faith or your testimony of Heavenly Father’s plan is less than you know it should be, then turn more fully to the Savior. Let His light and His living water do for you and your family what a little water and light did in bringing life back to the weakened tomato plant.

Lesson given by Suzanne Wright and taken from April's General Conference.  "This is My Work and Glory," by M. Russell Ballard.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Worth of Soles is Great

The Worth of "Soles" is Great
Thursday, May 23rd from 6:30 to 8pm
Greenbluff Building Gazebo

Bring a shoe that best represents you along with your favorite scripture to share (1 minute)

Rachel Nibarger will be sharing her horticulture skills with us that night, teaching us what she knows about planing planters and pots.  There will also be an opportunity for service.

"Chick" Food provided as well as childcare.

Come Into the Temples

At the Capstone Ceremony of the Salt Lake Temple, President Snow was to lead the Hosanna Shout.  He explained it as follows . . . .

"The words of the shout, Hosanna!" he said, "to be uttered upon or after the laying of the capstone to-day, were introduced by President Joseph Smith at the Kirtland Temple, and were there used at a solemn assemblage where the power of God was manifested and the vision of the Almighty was opened up to the brethren.  This is no ordinary order, but is - and we wish it to be distinctly understood - a sacred shout, and employed only on extraordinary occasions like the one now before us.  We wish it also to be distinctly understood that we want the brethren and sisters not only to express the words, but that their hearts shall be full of thanksgiving to the god of heaven, who has accomplished, through our agency, this mighty and extraordinary labor.  Thirty-nine years ago to-day the foundation-stone - the corner-stone - of this Temple was laid, and in reflecting and meditating upon the wonderful blessings that God has bestowed upon us, His people, during this number of years that have passed since that time, we wish the Saints to feel when they pronounce this shout that it comes from their hearts.  Let your hearts be filled with thanksgiving."

He demonstrated the Hosanna Shout and then said, "Now when we go before the Temple, and this shout goes forth, we want every man and every woman to shout these words to the very extent of their voices, so that every house in this city may tremble, the people in every portion of this city hear it, and it may reach to the eternal worlds."

Sisters, as we attend the temple, regularly, and often, we are shouting our thanksgiving and love to our Heavenly Father and all in the "eternal worlds."  And at the same time, we are arming and preparing ourselves for our daily battles.

Lesson from The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 10, taught by Kristy Bateman.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sacred Family Relationships

President Snow said,

"See that the little, trifling misunderstandings in domestic concerns do not poison your happiness."

 " . . . try to endure the unpleasantnesses which arise at times, and when you meet each other in the next life you will feel glad that you put up with those things."

And, "be kind when sometimes you have to make a little sacrifice to do so; feel kind anyway, no matter what the sacrifice."

Lesson given by Cheryl Demke

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Patterns of Light

That which is of God is light;
and he that receiveth light . . . . . .
receiveth more light
and that light groweth brighter 
and brighter until the perfect day.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:24

On Sunday, we watched and discussed Elder Bednar's 3-part message about Patterns of Light.  You can view the whole series here.

Remember Sisters, Be Illuminated!