Monday, May 20, 2013

Come Into the Temples

At the Capstone Ceremony of the Salt Lake Temple, President Snow was to lead the Hosanna Shout.  He explained it as follows . . . .

"The words of the shout, Hosanna!" he said, "to be uttered upon or after the laying of the capstone to-day, were introduced by President Joseph Smith at the Kirtland Temple, and were there used at a solemn assemblage where the power of God was manifested and the vision of the Almighty was opened up to the brethren.  This is no ordinary order, but is - and we wish it to be distinctly understood - a sacred shout, and employed only on extraordinary occasions like the one now before us.  We wish it also to be distinctly understood that we want the brethren and sisters not only to express the words, but that their hearts shall be full of thanksgiving to the god of heaven, who has accomplished, through our agency, this mighty and extraordinary labor.  Thirty-nine years ago to-day the foundation-stone - the corner-stone - of this Temple was laid, and in reflecting and meditating upon the wonderful blessings that God has bestowed upon us, His people, during this number of years that have passed since that time, we wish the Saints to feel when they pronounce this shout that it comes from their hearts.  Let your hearts be filled with thanksgiving."

He demonstrated the Hosanna Shout and then said, "Now when we go before the Temple, and this shout goes forth, we want every man and every woman to shout these words to the very extent of their voices, so that every house in this city may tremble, the people in every portion of this city hear it, and it may reach to the eternal worlds."

Sisters, as we attend the temple, regularly, and often, we are shouting our thanksgiving and love to our Heavenly Father and all in the "eternal worlds."  And at the same time, we are arming and preparing ourselves for our daily battles.

Lesson from The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 10, taught by Kristy Bateman.

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