Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Lord's Way

Elder Ellis talks about being a "farm boy" from Idaho.  He learned the following:

  1. To work - if you don't plant, you don't harvest.
  2. To work smart - if you irrigate and fertilize, you harvest more.
  3. The importance of timing - if you don't plant at the right time, an early frost can destroy the harvest.
  4. To do what is neeed or ought to be done regardless of what is enjoyable, preferable, or convenient - you milk the cow when she needs to be milked, not when you want to.
  5. To be direct - with livestock and machinery involved, you don't have time to "beat around the bush."
  6. To stick to the basics.
Suzanne introduced the lesson as a potpourri of thoughts from Elder Ellis, but she hit on a few things that touched her.  We discussed how God knows the way to . . . . live, to love, to help, to pray, to talk, to interact with each other, to lead, to marry, to raise children, to learn, to know the truth, to share the gospel, to choose wisely what we eat, . . . .

Joseph Smith was taught from his youth the ways of the Lord.  When asked how he led the Church, he explained that he taught correct principles and the members governed themselves.  Brothers and sisters, our living apostles and prophets are still teaching correct principles.  The question is "Are we using these principles to govern ourselves?"

Lesson taken from the May Issue of the Ensign, 2013, April General Conference Talk.  Given by Suzanne Wright.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Relief Society: True Charity and Pure Religion

"This is what we desire to instill into the hearts of the sisters -- to be useful in their sphere and not be discouraged because of the difficulties in the way, but to trust in God and look to Him, and His marvelous blessings, I promise you, will be poured out upon you.  This shall be your experience . . . Let me reiterate again, don't be discouraged, but go on and accomplish good, exercise faith, and every opportunity that is presented seek to improve upon it.  We want you to exercise all the talents that God has bestowed upon you.  And there is this about it in reference to your prospects of success.  When a person commences to travel over a path that the Lord has marked out, and by which to accomplish good in His interest, he is sure to succeed.  He is precisely where God wants him to be, and there is the place that you may, with the greatest propriety ask God for His blessing." (Lorenzo Snow)

Taken from Teachings of the Presidents:  Lorenzo Snow.  Lesson taught by Cheryl Demke.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stewardship and the Law of Consecration

"Usually when I think of herding sheep, I think of the requirement, or stewardship, of the shepherd to do everything he can for all of his sheep.  this experience, however, reminded me that it is the parable of the lost sheep, and my thoughts turned to the precarious nature of that one lost ewe, all alone and unable to take another step up the rock face and equally unable to turn around and find her way down.  How frantic and hopeless she must have felt, completely powerless to rescue herself one step away from certain disaster.
Such Shepherds may need the expertise and assistance of the search and rescue team, but they are present, account for, and climbing right beside them to save those who are infinitely valued in the sight of god, for they are His children. " (Elder L. Tom Perry, April 2009 General Conference)

“Every day, every hour, every minute of your span of mortal years must sometime be accounted for. And it is in this life that you walk by faith and prove yourself able to choose good over evil, right over wrong, enduring happiness over mere amusement. And your eternal reward will be according to your choosing.
“A prophet of god has said: Men are that they might have joy – a joy that includes a fullness of life, a life dedicated to service, to love and harmony in the home, and the fruits of honest toil – an acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – of its requirements and commandments. Only in these will you find true happiness, the happiness which doesn’t fade with the lights and music and the crowds.”

These statements express the reality that our life on earth is a stewardship of time and choices granted by our creator. The word stewardship calls to mind the Lord’s law of consecration, which has an economic role but, more than that, is an application of celestial law to life here and now. To consecrate is to set apart or dedicate something as sacred, devoted to holy purposes. True success in this life comes in consecrating our lives – that is, our time and choices – to God’s purposes. In so doing, we permit Him to raise us to our highest destiny.” (D. Todd Christofferson, October 2010 Conference)

Lesson given by Cassi Campbell

Note: I thought you'd like these other photos of lamb rescue by ordinary people . . . . .