Sunday, July 14, 2013

Relief Society: True Charity and Pure Religion

"This is what we desire to instill into the hearts of the sisters -- to be useful in their sphere and not be discouraged because of the difficulties in the way, but to trust in God and look to Him, and His marvelous blessings, I promise you, will be poured out upon you.  This shall be your experience . . . Let me reiterate again, don't be discouraged, but go on and accomplish good, exercise faith, and every opportunity that is presented seek to improve upon it.  We want you to exercise all the talents that God has bestowed upon you.  And there is this about it in reference to your prospects of success.  When a person commences to travel over a path that the Lord has marked out, and by which to accomplish good in His interest, he is sure to succeed.  He is precisely where God wants him to be, and there is the place that you may, with the greatest propriety ask God for His blessing." (Lorenzo Snow)

Taken from Teachings of the Presidents:  Lorenzo Snow.  Lesson taught by Cheryl Demke.

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