Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Seek Not Mine Own Will, but the Will of the Father

"There is a course for every person to pursue in which there will be no failure.  It will apply to temporal as well as spiritual matters.  . . Now what we want is to have that spirit in every act of our lives and in every undertaking, whether temporal or spiritual, and not think of self.  We should try to ascertain how we should spend the money and the information that God has given us.  The answer is simple - for the glory of God."

"Thus let us devote ourselves to righteousness, help each and all to be better and happier; do good to all and evil to none; honor God and obey His Priesthood; cultivate and preserve an enlightened conscience and follow the Holy Spirit; faint not, hold fast to what is good, endure to the end, and your cup of joy shall be full even to overflowing, for great shall be your reward for your trials and your sufferings under temptations, your fiery ordeals, your heart yearnings and tears; yea, our God will give you a crown of unfading glory."

Taken from the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 11.  Taught by Kristy Bateman.

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