Sunday, September 15, 2013

Church Leadership and Selfless Service

But said he -- "Feed my sheep."  That is,"Go forth with your whole heart, be devoted wholly to my cause.  These people in the world are my brethren and sisters.  My feelings are exercised towards them.  Take care of my people.  Feed my flock.  Go forth and preach the gospel.  I will reward you for all your sacrifices.  Do not think that you can make too great a sacrifice in accomplishing this work."  He called upon them in the fervor of his heart to do this work.

"The Lord has not chosen the great and learned of the world to perform His work on the earth.  It is not those who have been trained and educated in the colleges and seminaries of learning, but humble men devoted to His cause whom He has chosen to take charge of the affairs of His Church, men who are willing to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit, and who will of necessity give the glory unto Him, knowing that of themselves they can do nothing."

He compared the Church to a great building, with individual Saints as parts of that building, saying that we should "never feel too lofty to be sometimes cut down, squared, scored, and hewed to be fitted into the place we are to occupy in the spiritual building"

Lesson given by Sister Cheryl Demke from Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 18.

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