Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meet Your New Relief Society Presidency

Suzanne Wright, President, has 5 children, two of whom are at BYU.  A fun fact you may or may not know about Suzanne is that she loves to surf.

Roselyn Sant, 1st Counselor, has 6 children living all over the world including a son serving a mission in Arizona.  A fun fact about Roselyn, that you may or may not know:  She is one of 12 children and her sister, Gaylene, also lives in our ward.
Christy Smith, 2nd Counselor, is the mother of 7 children.  Most recently, she served with the Young Women in our ward.  Something you may or may not know about Christy:  she went sky diving in Hawaii when she was 17.
Cassi Campbell, Secretary, has 4 children between the ages of 8 and 16.  The Campbells are headed to South Africa soon to adopt their 5th child, Naso, who is 7.  A fun fact you may or may not know about Cassi:  When she was 14, she was one of 12 waterskiiers (ages 6-14) behind a boat on Lake Chelan because of a yearly summer family tradition.

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