Sunday, August 11, 2013

Faithful, Energetic Service in the Kingdom of God

" I say, let men serve God faithfully and energetically, and be cheerful . . . there are times when persons are brought into conditions where it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to assume a cheerful aspect.  But such times are very few."

"Knowing our religion to be true we ought to be the most devoted people on the face of the earth to the cause we have embraced.  Knowing as we do, or should know, that the gospel we have received promises all our hearts can wish or desire, if we are faithful, we ought to be very faithful, devoted, energetic and ambitious in carrying out the designs and wishes of the Lord as He reveals them from time to time through His servants.  We ought not to be lukewarm or negligent in attending to our duties, but with all our might, strength and souls we should try to understand the spirit of our calling and the nature of the work in which we are engaged."

Lesson from Teachings of the Prophets:  Lorenzo Snow, chapter 15.  Lesson given by Sister Kristy Bateman.

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