Sunday, August 25, 2013

Washington Spokane Mission Dinner Policy

Missionaries are encouraged to visit members and may eat with members any day of the week as set forth in the dinner policy.  They are authorized to have meals with members ONLY under the following parameters:

  1. Circumstances are appropriate or both missionaries and members.  Missionary guidelines must be obeyed.
  2. Missionaries and members should use these visits to encourage and support each other in preparing and inviting others to be taught the gospel.  Missionaries should teach gospel messages, share experiences, and pray with the members to help them feel the spirit of missionary work and a greater enthusiasm for sharing the gospel.
  3. The ward mission leader coordinates the visits (meals)
    1. Each meal is scheduled with an objective consistent with the Missionary Purpose.
    2. The WML's priority is to help fill the week with excellent teaching opportunities consistent with the Ward Mission Plan.  It is not to provide a meal each day.
    3. Priority should be for investigators, less active members, part member families, recent converts (and prospective elders), and others who would be blessed most by the association with the missionaries.
    4. Do not use signup sheets or meals calendars
    5. Missionaries should not eat at the same home regularly
    6. The WML should advise each member of these parameters at the time the dinner appointment is made
  4. Visits do not last longer than 1 hour (this includes a 10-15 minute lesson by the missionaries)
    1. Missionaries ALWAYS ask for referrals
    2. Members should ALWAYS provide referrals for the missionaries
    3. If a lesson is being taught to an investigator, less active, recent convert, part member family, or prospective elder - the visits may last 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    4. Meal should last approximately 45 minutes and the lesson should last 30 minutes or less in many cases but not to exceed 45 minutes
  5. Missionaries should leave homes by 6pm (If teaching a missionary lesson to an investigator, less active, or recent convert, that time may be extended as set forth above).  When requested by the Stake President, this time may be adjusted based on local circumstances when approved by the Mission President.
  6. Meals with members or others are a privilege, not a right.  Missionaries should express appreciation, behave courteously, and observe etiquette and local customs.

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