Saturday, March 2, 2013

Annual Relief Society Birthday Dinner Invite


fiesta invite final

Bingo Prize Guidelines:
1. Bring something you have made.
2. Play Bingo.
3. Win a prize: something someone else has made
4. Each person who donates a prize will go home with a prize.

Some suggestions:
Homemade bread and jam
Fresh-baked goodies
Handmade jewelry
Cross-stitch or Embroidered picture
Busy Sunday Bag for kids
Scrapbooking Kit
Sewing Project/Kit
Handmade notecards, stationary, and/or tags
Gift Baskets containing homemade items
Something you have canned
Crocheted or knitted item
Homemade Candy
Homemade bath salts/scrubs
Candles you have made
Favorite Recipes compiled in a creative way.

Be Creative! Come up with something that you enjoy and reflects your talents! Make it fun.  See you there . . . . .

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