Sunday, March 10, 2013

Service Project: Rising Star Outreach

Vertical-CollageKim Porter made a connection with the woman who started this organization after visiting India and seeing a great need to help improve the lives and situations of those with leprosy (known as undesirables).

You can see a great video about their purpose and needs here.  They are doing amazing things.

Several of us are helping by putting together non-denominational “family home evening” packets which they use at their school for evening discussions and lessons about different morals and virtues.

They are also in need of chewable vitamins and children’s books which also teach virtues.  You can find a suggested list here.  Please bring anything you gather, to our Relief Society Birthday Dinner on Thursday, March 14th.

Kim’s son is living in India, not far from this organization and Kim will be traveling in August so there will be many opportunities to take these supplies in person.

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